Art inspiring Philly Youth to Challenge their Perception of Reality


Art Sphere Inc. will always hold a special place in our hearts. They are the first Non-Profit organization that opened their doors to our program and let us volunteer for them. Founded in 1998, Art Sphere Inc. is a Philadelphia-based non-profit, established to teach inner-city low-income youth.  Declining education funding has forced schools to cut art programs, while shrinking budgets prevent libraries and recreation centers from offering their own visual-arts programs. Art Sphere Inc. aims to fill the artistic void in these communities by fostering the visual arts and developing broader skills to help students thrive in all subjects. Check out their website for free art curriculum, E-books, and other resources for bringing art to Philadelphia youth. If you want to volunteer or donate to their cause send an email to 

Recently we volunteered to help set up for their free  20th anniversary party at the Bok Building located at 1901 S 9th Street . Those familiar with Philadelphia will remember that the Bok Building was once a school that serviced neighborhood children. Now it is a space for small businesses and community service organizations. Check out the video we created for their organization below and our podcast interview with their Executive Director Kristin Groenveld

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