Challenging Poverty in Philadelphia with Courage, Capacity, and Will

If there was a program that was free for all accepted participants, paired them with one-on-one coaching to help individuals set goals, develop skills, and achieve self-sufficiency in order to rise out of poverty wouldn't you want to support it ?! Well this program does exist and it is called MindSet  MindSet is brought to you by one of the oldest community based organizations in Philadelphia, dating back to 1870. This organization is called Episcopal Community Services. Located on 225 S. 3rd Street,Philadelphia, PA 19106 inside of Old St. Paul's Church, their mission is to  challenge and reduce inter-generational poverty. Episcopal Community Services increase the ability of people to improve their lives and achieve economic independence.They call upon every person to participate in sustainable, positive change for our communities. 

We were lucky enough to volunteer with Episcopal Community Services at one of their cook-off events, which prepare 2,400 meals a year, for seniors in the Philadelphia area. In just a couple hours we help feed hundred of people in the city. We were even featured in their Spring Volunteer Newsletter. If you would like to volunteer with Episcopal Community Services you can contact them by email at or call them at 215-351-1400.  Check out below for the volunteer video we made for Episcopal Community Services and near the top of the page for our podcast interview with their Chief of Programs Arely Styer MSS MSLP 

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