Empowering the Less Fortunate by Reinventing their Wardrobe

Have you ever put on new clothing,got an immediate boost in self confidence, and felt like you could take on whatever the world had to throw at you? Well that feeling is what Our Closet gives to local Philadelphians on a weekly basis. Our Closet is a volunteer-driven program with the goal of providing the basic need of clothing to vulnerable individuals and their families throughout Philadelphia. They do this by orchestrating "Pop Up" shops throughout the city that give people the opportunity to go clothes shopping for free. 

While we were volunteering the energy in the room was electric. Shoppers were enjoying each other's company, complementing one another, and leaving with smile's on their faces.We were even lucky enough to get a free meal and nutrition lesson while we were there. There are no eligibility requirements to shop, so if you know someone in need please check out where Our Closet will be popping up next. If you're interested in volunteering with them you can sign up on their website Check out below for our experience volunteering with them and our podcast interview with their Program Manager Shauna Ekezie

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