Finding Inspiration with The Sunday Love Project by Janeli Peralta

My name is Neli and I grew up with my Mom and two brothers. I’ve lived in Philly my whole life and have witnessed the struggle that others have to go through in order to survive. My Mom has always done her best to make sure we are always good in any situation. This has taught me to appreciate the little things and where we come from. That is what inspired me to want to volunteer with The Sunday Love Project

The Sunday Love Project is an organization in Philadelphia that provides meals and clothing to those who need it. The Sunday Love Project's mission is to provide meals amongst the homeless while building a community at the same time. They provide 600-800 hot meals each Sunday and Tuesday. They believe that we are all human beings and that none of us deserve to drown. If we are able to extend our hands and help out we should take every opportunity to do so. My experience at Sunday Love was wonderful and I hope that others get to experience the same. They are very welcoming  and as soon as I walked in I  felt comfortable. The experience of volunteering with them was great and I definitely will go back. When I see organizations like The Sunday Love Project helping out those in need it brings me happiness. I enjoy helping people out and also want to have my own Non-Profit Organization one day. While volunteering with them I gained new experiences and met new people. 


I also had the opportunity to interview Margaux Murphy during our podcast. She spoke about her organization and how she was inspired to help others. I learned that she started this in 2014 and over the years it has grown. They have a staff of 4 people who work together to get the job done. This teamwork inspires me to want to develop relationships with people for my business in the future. I feel that everyone will be able to succeed if that value is shared amongst others. I am currently working on opening a bakery and I will take the lessons learned from Margaux with me in order to apply them to my business. I enjoyed meeting with Margaux and hopefully others get to meet her. Check out what it is like to volunteer with The Sunday Love Project below and be sure to listen to our podcast with Margaux at the top of this page

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