Get Free, Stay Present, and Move Forward with Austin Haines

A lot of the high school students that I have met over the years have been influenced by the pursuit of money. No matter what I tell them about how money only giving you more of what you already have, they think it is the most important thing in the world. I have given countless lessons on the origins of money, how it works, how to invest and save, and what an hourly wage looks like after taxes. Most of these lessons do not stick because I downplay the importance of money when it is compared to networking, health, communication, environment, etc. For this reason I was really excited when I met Austin Haines and he invited us to volunteer with him and attend one of his events for free. 

Austin Haines is a Philadelphia native that has a mission to help people get free, stay present, and move forward with their lives, businesses, and relationships. Austin created and developed the internationally know program called Free Will Dream to help achieve this mission. Also, as a Certified Strategic Interventionist, Austin has hundreds of hours in formal Life Strategy Training guided by Tony Robbins himself. We volunteered with Austin, in Center City Philadelphia, and gave encouraging cards and food to people who were open to it. We impacted so many lives in just two hours on a Sunday. During his Free Will Dream event my student Kassim said that he felt his smile going all the way around to the back of his head. During our podcast interview my students also learned that Austin left his job where he had made millions of dollars to pursue this dream because he came to the conclusion that money does not equal fulfillment. If you would like to work with Austin you can contact him on Facebook. Check out below for the volunteer video we made for Austin and our podcast interview with him, at the top of our page, where he shares inspiring stories and give tips on how to feel unstuck.

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