Getting Involved with Our Local Community Garden at Batram's Garden

Our School, One Bright Ray Community High School, is located right near one of Philadelphia's best kept community gardens. That is why I was shocked when my student's told me that they thought the garden was off limits to them. They remembered going on class trips in their youth but they believed that the garden was closed to the public. When I learned this from them I had to set up a volunteer opportunity with Bartram's Garden

Bartram's Garden is a 45-acre National Historic Landmark, operated by the John Bartram Association in cooperation with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation. It is a destination and an outdoor classroom, living laboratory, and membership organization for ever-expanding audiences―over 95,000 each year and counting. Bartram's Garden has been serving the Philadelphia community since 1728 when John Bartram purchased the land from Swedish Settlers. Today the garden host's all kinds of events that are open to the public as well as community farms that sell produce at local farmer's markets

When we visited Bartram's Garden we were lucky enough to learn from their Horticulturalist Mandy Katz and Gardener Marissa Mcdonald. We help them replace flower beds and recycle the wood from them. If you would like to volunteer  at Bartram's Garden you can email them at or call them at (215) 729-5281. Check out the volunteer video we made for them and listen to our podcast interview with them below 

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