How Voting Operates In Philadelphia with City Commissioner Candidate Luigi Borda

Do you know what the City Commissioner's office does in Philadelphia? Me either and I am a Social Studies Teacher ! Once I did some digging I found out that they are responsible for all things voting in Philadelphia. With Primary Election Season upon us voting is at the front of all news outlets. When I asked my students if they ever took part in a political campaign or if they knew the process of running for an elected office I heard crickets in my classroom. This led me to reach out to Luigi Borda. Luigi Borda was actually my cooperating teacher while I was student teaching in college. He has been teaching in Philadelphia for over 30 years. 

My students and I were invited to canvass and collect signatures for Luigi to learn what it takes to get elected in the city. We also helped organize the Borda Street Run at Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia to help engage the community in the voting process. My students learned that anyone could run for elected office as long as you get the community engaged! They also became youth voting ambassadors for our school through Next Gen America. If you're interested in volunteering for Luigi Borda contact him at Check out the volunteer video we made for Luigi below and listen to our podcast interview with him located near the top of our page!

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