Making Fitness Accessible to Everyone in Philadelphia

Whenever I meet a volunteer at an event that is doing their best to educate and provide value to attendees, my heart does a back flip. My students and I were enamored at the Anti-Defamation League's Walk Against Hate when we witnessed Evan Harden doing what seemed to be a combination of parkour and calisthenics on a pull up bar. There was a large crowd around cheering him on while he demonstrated his moves. When he was finished he helped everyone who was willing to learn the basics of his art. Evan Harden is the CEO of the National Bar League and a Philadelphia native. Evan has made it his mission to make fitness accessible to everyone in Philadelphia. After a two year journey, Evan worked with former Philadelphia Eagle's star Connor Barwin to design and install a pull-up bar fitness gym at Smith Playground in South Philadelphia. For a time he was offering free lessons every Saturday at the park and he holds free fitness festivals at the park that include fitness instructors from all over the city. The instructors range in all different fitness arenas from calisthenics to yoga.

We recently volunteered for a free fitness festival that Evan hosted at Smith Playground. We helped clean the park, set up the equipment, provide water, and document the events of the day. It was an amazing event. Our students got to meet councilman Kenyatta Johnson, participate in different fitness classes and watch the main event competition that pitted athletes from all over the world against each other in a freestyle bar competition. If you're interested in volunteering for a future event or would like to work with Evan you can reach him at og_fitness on Instagram or Health and Wealth Fitness on Facebook. Check out below for our volunteer video that we made for Evan of his event and listen to our podcast interview with him

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