My First Podcast by Yaitza Hernandez


Growing up in Philadelphia, we didn't really have the support that we needed from the communities that surround us. A lot of people work minimum wage and do not have the income to supply and feed their families. I myself experienced where I had to stop eating to make sure my 2 little siblings were able to eat and my mom who was pregnant, she felt so guilty and would make us split it in half. For about a couple months we were eating pancakes, ham and cheese sandwiches and rice over and over again.

It makes my heart so happy that organizations like The Share Food Program exist to supply food for the community of Philadelphia. The Share Food Program is a program that distributes food to the citizens of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. The Share Food Program distributes 30 lbs boxes of groceries to about 1 million people a month. They also deliver to the local community and to senior citizens as well. Share Food allows people to volunteer in different ways ! You can help at the farm, pack the groceries, deliver to local seniors citizens and to citizens' homes. The Share Food Program is helping reduce hunger in the city of Philadelphia everyday. Based on my personal story and wanting other families to learn what they have to offer, I knew it was a perfect opportunity for me to give back to the community 

The day arrived and I was mesmerized by the space that is Rec Philly. I had no idea that places like this exist in Philadelphia and the ideas of how I could use the space to start my business began exploding in my mind. I own a boutique called Aimable Boutique, Aimable means lovely in french, selling clothing, cosmetics, hand bags and accessories. I am currently in the process  of quality checking items and seeing what people like most before opening. While walking in the podcast studio I was excited to interview the  volunteer manager of The Share Food Program, Onika Washington-Johnson after researching about the program earlier in the day. It was honestly amazing to learn all of the things that The Share Food Program does for the community. We were able to learn how to adapt, change and evolve especially during a pandemic and fit the needs of the community. 

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