Running Through the Finish Line with Students Run Philly Style


If you have ever been apart of (way to go!) or spectated(You're still awesome!) a race in Philadelphia, there is a good chance you seen this shirt 

This is the uniform of the students that run with Students Run Philly Style(SRPS) SRPS is an outside of school time program that uses mentoring and long distance running to impact the lives of Philadelphia youth. Students run serves over 1,200 students annually and over the past 14 years, Students Run Philly Style has created a movement of healthy young people in Philadelphia. A movement that has touched multiple generations of families and measurably impacted the lives of its participants. Students are trained over the school year to participate in the Broad Street Run , the Philadelphia Marathon, and other races.

We recently volunteered for their Running Leader meeting at the Fox School of Business on Temple University's campus. Running leaders are community members/teachers who bring the program to their community/school and mentor the students. The training was a blast and consisted of workouts, free food, educational seminars, and motivational speakers. If you're interested in volunteering with SRPS make sure you dress to move a little bit ! You can also contact them at 1760 Market Street, Suite 1111 Philadelphia PA 19103
P: (267) 930-3546

Check out our volunteer video with them below and our podcast interview with their Executive Director Andy Kucer and Program Manager Iesha Nelson

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