One Bright Ray is a diploma granting accelerated high school program with a rich history and strong track record of success. They serve students from the city of Philadelphia who are over aged and under credited. Their students must be between 16 and 21 years of age and at least 1 ½ years behind in credits. The We Love Philly Programs services students at all four campuses of One Bright Ray Community High School


REC is the future of creativity, and empowers independent creators to do more of what they love.

Part creative incubator, part creative agency, REC is a physical space, digital application and community designed and dedicated to providing its members with the resources, education & opportunities to build sustainable & scalable businesses around their talent. We Love Philly students attend workshops and record The We Love Philly Podcast at Rec Philly.


It is One Art Community Center's mission to inspire people to creatively heal and express themselves through the varied forms of art. Some of the art forms Musical Arts, Visual Arts, Holistic Arts, Culinary Arts, Martial Arts, Cultural Arts, Literary Arts, Performing Arts as well as the Art of Gardening and Sustainable Design. They do this by providing authentic, real life experiences that teach the 21st century skills of communication, literacy, leadership, and problem solving through technology and the arts. One Art Community Center is the home of We Love Philly's Project OwnerShip.


The Philly Unknown Project intends to cultivate community cohesion and educate and advocate for those who can’t be a voice for themselves. The Philly Unknown Project is a grass roots non-profit that provides hand-to-hand outreach through several methods. They provide compassion bags, which serve as harm reduction kits containing snacks, t-shirts, socks, hygiene supplies, and other resources to provide hope for another day. We Love Philly students regularly volunteer for The Philly Unknown Project 


Revcarto is a world-class Rev Ops agency to help companies accelerate and optimize revenue growth by aligning the buyers journey both for the buyers as well as internally for their clients.Revcarto has core offerings focused on Demand Generation, Rev Ops and Enablement and are Hubspot Gold Partners. 

 Founded in 2019, by Philly raised founders Jason Bramble and Chris Davis, Revcarto's goal was and will always be to increase sales and create awareness for our client's businesses and/or services. Our team thrives on ensuring that they reach every goal set out before them by offering emerging and impactful solutions that result in unique engagements that accelerate results.

Revcarto partners with We Love Philly around multiple initiatives to empower and educate our students to give them real world experience and education to set them on a path for success with a focus around digital media and entrepreneurship