Our Leadership

Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can create a better future for our students.

At We Love Philly, we work hard to provide an ownership based education to Philadelphia teens who have been left behind by mainstream institutions.

We’re a grassroots nonprofit started by certified PA educators that believe strengthening community ties is the way to close the achievement gap in Philadelphia.

Our Executive Team

Carlos Aponte

Founder & Executive Director

Carlos is a lifelong Philadelphian who traces his culture to the Island of Puerto Rico Carlos’ background is in Secondary Education with a concentration in African American and American History. After close to a decade inside of the classroom, Carlos realized the shortcomings of traditional education. With the help of his students, Carlos decided to create his own 501c3 non profit organization, We Love Philly. We Love Philly that teaches volunteerism, entrepreneurship, meditation, ownership, and content creation to youth left behind by mainstream institutions. After completion of the program students earn credits towards their high school diploma. We Love Philly is currently scaling their curriculum to be implemented in schools across the Philadelphia area as a state recognized pre apprenticeship and apprenticeship sponsor. Carlos also sits on the board at The Penn Treaty Museum, which is located at 324 Richmond Street, in Philadelphia PA.

Chris Davis

Director of Development

Chris Davis is a Co-founder and CMO of Revcarto, a two-and-a-half-year-old digital sales and marketing agency with a RevOps focus. As a small business founder himself, Davis is committed to supporting B2B companies with a combination of deep industry knowledge and personal, human connection.

As Director of Development, Chris intends to use his expertise to help We Love Philly scale and become a driving force in reforming education within Philadelphia.

Jason Bramble

Director of Development

Jason Bramble is the CEO and Co-founder of Revcarto. Revcarto is one of the first full-spectrum revenue operations/enablement agencies. Their mission is to drive revenue through optimizing the way in which companies identify, acquire, and retain clients across every stage of the buyer’s journey with the overall goal of optimizing and driving revenue for their clients. Jason is a true entrepreneur from Southwest Philadelphia and attributes his success to the grit and resourcefulness that he obtained growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia.

He has also dedicated his life to doing all he can to lead with empathy, while striving to reform systems of our country where change is long overdue. These goals led Jason to becoming the Director of Development at We Love Philly, as he is looking to bring much needed reform to the education field. He aims to put our youth as the priority, and to empower them with the resources needed to succeed in the future.

Thayid Wilson

Director of Content

Thayid (YureiXoX) Wilson is a multimedia producer raised on Allegheny Avenue in Philadelphia, Thayid learned from a young age that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. After failing to get the education he wanted, he joined We Love Philly and started to change the way he viewed learning. After graduating high school, Thayid went on to work with other local organizations to amplify student voices. Highlights for him include speaking at his first national workshop at SXSW EDU, traveling to Puerto Rico. and working on influential media projects with organizations throughout Philadelphia.

Now, Thayid Wilson is the Director of Content Creation for We Love Philly and a young entrepreneur that helps highlight ways to change education and his home town through both art and media content.

Andrea Santiago

Social Media Director

ndrea Santiago is a driven and motivated young professional who recently graduated from high school with outstanding achievements. She has a passion for community service, demonstrated by years of volunteer experience at We Love Philly.

Andrea is determined to pursue digital marketing and has set her sights on a successful career in the industry. She is currently exploring opportunities to gain experience and expand her skill set, with the goal of eventually becoming a leader in the field.

Andrea’s dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence make her ideal for the job. She is a natural leader who inspires those around her to be their best, and her positive attitude and unwavering work ethic are sure to propel her to greatness in her new role as Social Media Director.

Our Board Members

Taylor Davis


Taylor Davis is a College Success Coach at Hopeworks, a youth development nonprofit providing opportunities for young adults while implementing trauma-informed practices. Taylor’s ultimate goal in life is to empower young people to pursue their dreams by providing them with the support and resources necessary to succeed, and by restructuring the system that robbed them of these supports in the first place. She believes in the power of community and preparing the next generation to be better than the one before it. Taylor has presented at several conferences, facilitating workshops on violence prevention, LGBTQ+ youth advocacy, and healthy relationships. She has dreams of one day becoming a leader in education reform. Taylor graduated from Temple University and lives in Francisville with her partner, cat, and 20+ plant babies.

Cory Zoblin


For the last decade, Cory Zoblin has been teaching high school English in Philadelphia. After majoring in Sociology in college, he became interested in fighting inequality in the United States and decided that the classroom would be the best place for him to do so. Since graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Teacher Education Program, Cory has focused on blending traditional academics with outside-of-the-box and relevant methods by which to engage students. Currently, Cory teaches at an alternative high school in Kensington for over-aged, under-credited youth who are seeking their high school diplomas.

Suezette Fonseca-Gonzalez


Suezette is a North Philly native and has been dedicated to support healing of generational trauma not often discussed in the neighborhoods that raised her. As an alumnae of both West Chester University of PA and Temple University, Suezette completed her education with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. As a clinician, Suezette has ample experience with Philadelphia youth in areas including the foster care system, homelessness, school setting, and most recently, as part of a mental health crisis team. She has been fortunate enough to work alongside youth, families and local partnerships to assure the health & safety of others. Previously serving as Director of Emotional Support at an alternative school in the city, Suezette was able to collaborate with other professionals to fully create the social and emotional support program as well as provide cultural competency training to staff members. As part of her new role as a Clinical Supervisor, she is able to provide intense behavioral health support to youth experiencing a crisis as well as support families to better understand their needs. She also serves as a service lead for kids’ ministry at her local church, where she focuses on building intentional and powerful relationships with children under 5. Suezette is a dedicated mother, partner, daughter and sister and identifies her family as her driving force. She is committed to making a safe and healing environment for others. Her personal motto of Mission OVER Preference, believing though we may not always wish to do things, if it will positively impact the greater good, it’s worth it!

Nisiar Smith


Nisiar Smith is a dedicated, passionate, and well-respected finance professional who is a driven leader with a goal to positively influence others. Created from his experience working for a commercial bank, Nisiar Smith – CEO and Founder of Well Kept Money has made it his goal to educate the low-income communities on finances through his nonprofit financial literacy organization. Well Kept Money mission is to help enhance the minds of individuals by teaching the fundamentals of personal finance with the intent of inspiring innovation amongst the community. Nisiar is also the Founder of Philly Phinancial Literacy Week, a weeklong celebration of financial education workshops that take place in recreation centers across Philadelphia touching multiple communities. In any environment he is able to make a mark through hard work, a vibrant personality and winning or growing in every situation.

Barbara Dash

Vice President

Barbara is a proud alumna of Howard University, and proudly shares that in common with the US Vice President Harris. Since graduation in 2016, she has grown her experience in data analytics platforms and non-profit management. Having recently returned to Philly, she plans to engage and assist local non-profit organizations that are actualizing their visions and fulfilling their missions. She is also a proud member of an international community-serving organization, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Professionally, she works at EY in data analytics has previously worked with the OIG Forensics and Evaluations Department, and Grant Thornton Lumen Audit Data Analytics. Outside of this, she has supported several non-profits of the year including The MusicianShip and Truth Initiative in Washington, DC. On a more personal note, she is an avid reader, runner, and lover of all things creative.

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