Our Mission

We support children and youth to reach their full potential!

We Love Philly provides holistic transformative education to underserved youth by providing students autonomy through positive community experiences and the learning of essential professional skills.

Our Values


As a We Love Philly Tribe member you are entrusted with the responsibilities that come with freedom. We Love Philly was partially created for those who felt constrained by the typical educational system and wanted a platform to spread their wings to co-create with young people around projects you both deem transformational. Freedom comes with accountability. We share responsibility on projects and hold each other accountable to ensure we are achieving our visions.


Love comes in many forms but we agree at We Love Philly, it starts with being fully present with one another. With youth, are you teaching and mentoring them like they are your own family? With coworkers are you moving in a way that respects their boundaries? Are you making notes and learning about co-workers so you can make their day with a simple call back from a previous conversation? We believe Love is missing in the field of Education and we want to bring it to the forefront.


We cherish other organizations that move in the spirit of service. We are not in competition with any organization that puts youth at the forefront of its mission. By cherishing one another and the organizations in the City who can do the same, we can begin to solve the problems our communities have been plagued with for all of recent history



Spend time before every meeting, interaction, or start of a project recounting what you are grateful for. We move with intention at We Love Philly and that intention is revolved around these core values and being grateful that we are a part of a tribe that upholds them no matter what the circumstance.


Look to Continuously Grow. Practice Blameless Problem Solving. Apply your creativity, spirit, and enthusiasm to developing solutions, rather than pointing fingers and dwelling on problems. Identify lessons learned and use those lessons to improve our processes so we can’t make the same mistake again. If there’s an opportunity to get better for the people we serve, we will take it.

Tell the Truth Always. We are not people pleasers! Integrity is created when boundaries are communicated and honored. If you make a mistake, own up to it, take note of it, and do your best to ensure it doesn’t happen again. We are here to be honest with each other and create a culture of providing grace and not silently judging one another.


Before you make a move internally ask yourself how is my response or action in service to the people we come in contact with. Our organization provides services to youth and adults throughout our region. That service begins with the first interaction, make sure it begins about them and continues as a win-win for both parties.

What we care for


We empower our students to own what they create. 


Children and youngsters who are exploited in their early days need a helping hand and support for their mental health. We take them out of this zone to give them a better life.


The underprivileged children do not have access to required financial help and resources needed to live the life of their dreams. We help them with everything they’ll need to live their dreams.

Join Our Tribe Today And Help In The Fight To Reform Education!

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