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Help Put Our Youth First, Together

Our Pre-Apprenticeship program in Digital Marketing was intentionally created to help high school-aged youth earn a livable wage while learning career skills in order to help them graduate.

Meet Our Instructors

Carlos Aponte

Carlos Aponte

Carlos is a lifelong Philadelphian who after close to a decade inside of the classroom, realized the shortcomings of traditional education. Carlos decided to create his own 501c3 non-profit organization, We Love Philly. We Love Philly teaches volunteerism, entrepreneurship, meditation, ownership and content creation to youth. 

Namarah McCall, We Love Philly Founding Educator

Namarah McCall

Namarah is a multi-disciplinary artist, performer, and coach from South Jersey who has performed nationally and internationally. Her musical talent has been experienced in podcasts, collaborative albums, and her musical projects streaming on music platforms.

Our partnership with Google allows us to give students industry-recognized credentials in digital marketing, advertising, and strategy all within our Pre-Apprenticeship program. This allows our participants to have a full understanding of the tools before moving to the next level.

Our Space

One Art Community Center

The sacred space that is now known as One Art Community Center was founded in 2001 by Benjamin Dyett Reid, Malaika Gilpin, and Ewan Gilpin. One Art’s mission is to cultivate a space that encourages holistic healing in Philadelphia through art, education, cultural, and community engagement.

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