Our Promise to Students

The mission of We Love Philly, a recognized 501(c)(3) outside of school time program, is to provide a values based education to teenage students who are in search of a positive life experience that differs from typical teenage interaction. Our students come from widely diverse backgrounds, including those who have been ignored or left behind by mainstream institutions. By participating in volunteerism and creative entrepreneurship students are equipped with the skills to thrive in the 21st century

      Every aspect of We Love Philly takes into consideration the unique needs, abilities, talents, and challenges of our teenagers. Our intimate and highly supportive community provides our teenagers the opportunity to learn from adults and peers who are leading by example.


By enrolling In We Love Philly students will earn;

1. 21st century Digital Marketing Skills that will help them develop an independent business/brand

2. Networking and communication skills from participating businesses in the Philadelphia area 

3. Mindfulness/meditation techniques to help students
develop empathy and self awareness

4. Video and audio editing skills 

5. Research and interviewing skills from creating The We Love Philly Podcast on a weekly basis

6. High School Credits from a Pennsylvania State Certified Teacher



  Our success relies on our We Love Philly values

    WE LOVE  stands for:

Wisdom - Focus on teaching students to love to learn

Empathy - Understanding and caring for the feelings of others

Love - Focus on Self-Love as a driving inspiration to life

Oneness - Focused on the inter-connectedness of all things

Visualize - Focus on meditation and other holistic approaches to strengthen the creation of ones reality

Environment - Focus on the well being of the community and the Earth


     Using a project based learning curriculum, we challenge teenagers to explore their own potential in a universe that has no limitations.