Overcoming My Fears at Venture Cafe May 26, 2020

Have you always been outgoing person? Hi my name is Najah… I’ve never really been an “outgoing” person. I always key to myself unless I necessarily had to speak. That might have come from being home schooled for 6 years. That’s what I like to think anyways. I’ve since gone to obrchs a accelerated high school. Here I’ve come out of my shell and found my second family. I joined a after school program called we love philly it’s ran by Mr.Aponte. We had went to a place called venture cafe I think this is where I really became a outgoing person.

If you were wondering what venture cafe is let me tell you. They create a hub like space for individuals to gather and connect. Every Thursday from 3pm-8pm they host a community gathering (weekly). This allows entrepreneurs to network and build relationships. Apart from this they gave us students the opportunity to know how they are impacting the community in an  inspirational way.

When I first went to venture cafe I was very nervous being it was my first networking event.

I’m glad I was there with Mr.Aponte and other obr students they made me felt a little more confident. When we got settled in at our info table I had the opportunity to meet new people and have them join our welovephilly podcast. We asked them what their definition of love was, And everyone had a different perspective on it. The response that stuck out most to me was Kassim’s definition. “Loving yourself and being able to show the same love to others”.

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