Making New Friends with Pheed Philly by Kassim Karamoko March 11, 2020

 Hi, my name is Kassim Karamoko. I dropped out of the previous high school I attended due to me seeking a life of true happiness. I then embarked on a spiritual journey to self discovery and I found One Bright Ray Community High School (OBR) I went to OBR because other schools were not providing me what I felt my soul was calling for, a sense of meaning, purpose, and passion. Going to OBR was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I was able to meet Mr. Aponte who introduced me to new people and environments. His positivity was what I needed in my life. Mr. Aponte has inspired so many students and gave us hope that true loving beings still exist in Philadelphia. This inspired me to become more happy and positive.

Mr. Aponte then shared his ideas with his students on how he will be starting a volunteering organization where the students can make a great impact in Philadelphia. I have been volunteering ever since he shared his mission statement with me and we have been on a great, loving journey. Our goal is to help the city of Philadelphia realize that there are so many people in our city that are doing their best to make it the best city on Earth. We have volunteered for so many organizations and brought so much positivity to all of their events. This has given students hope that good people exist. I thank God for all of the great energy he has inspired our lives with.

The mission of We Love Philly is to help as many people that we can, so we can help our city become a better place to live in. , Mr Aponte once told us “the news has conditioned us to not trust each other” After hearing that my life changed because it’s true. Ever since then I have been communicating with more people and developing meaningful relationships with as many people as I can. We Love Philly is dedicated to volunteering and helping people become great at what they do, while making it easier and fun for them. We have been volunteering for over a year now and it has been the best experiences of my life.

We recently volunteered for an organization called Pheed Philly  Pheed Philly is a non profit organization that gives back to the community by helping the most vulnerable people in the city. Volunteering for Pheed Philly was a fun experience. We created care packages with socks, hats, toothbrushes & food for the people who needed them. We met so many new people while creating the care packages and it seemed like this group of people were regular volunteers with the organization. Volunteering has been so healthy for me and inspires me to be a great person everyday. This event was special because I met a whole new group of student in the We Love Philly program that I am close with today.  After giving the bags out to the homeless, Pheed Philly thanked us with pizza ! I would highly recommend volunteering for Pheed Philly.  Hopefully all volunteer organizations can come together and build a mega volunteering center.

If you want to learn more about Pheed Philly give a listen to our podcast with them at the top of this page. Be sure to check out our volunteer video so you can see what it is like to volunteer with them. The video is at the bottom of the Page ! Pheed Philly also has a social media page where you can contact them on Instagram @pheedphilly or their website

My Instagram is @spiritsopure & I love to inspire people

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