What I Love About We Love Philly! By Cherish Green Feb 23, 2020

Stress, work, followed by more work, and doubled the amount of stress. These are common themes that I have experienced throughout my high school career. Without an outlet to relinquish my burdened emotions, I often felt overwhelmed and irritated. To top the cake, I also felt that there wasn’t a single class that could direct me into my entrepreneurial destiny. Upon enrolling into One Bright Ray Community High School, I met Mr. Aponte, the founder of We Love Philly. He immediately introduced me to the We Love Philly program and as soon as I could apply, I submitted my application.  

We Love Philly is a Non-Profit Organization which specializes in preparing youth to become their own bosses in the future. I wouldn’t have even known how to write this blog if it weren’t for Mr. Aponte’s dedication to educating his students about how to create a business. He teaches us that with giving, comes receiving and the rewards measure greater values than just money you can spend. On some occasions, the We Love Philly group volunteers around the city of Philadelphia. Whether we’re setting tables or feeding the unfortunate, the outcome is always greater than anticipated. During the program, I’ve learned how to create, record, and edit audio for my own podcast, build a website, edit visual content, the different levels of business branding, mediation techniques, and so much more that have bettered me in almost any aspect imaginable. On top of all these amazing things, you also gain half a credit towards your high school diploma!

Thinking of joining? I have a feeling that I know what you’re thinking. “Well, I have a job!” That’s great, but imagine yourself in five years. Will that paycheck of $403.35 hold you off? Taking this class will teach you how to triple that amount and make it your annual salary by becoming your own boss. I’ve also heard plenty introduce the complaint that they have friends. Well, the more the merrier! Tell all of your friends about the abundance that is We Love Philly, current members of We Love Philly aren’t too shabby themselves.

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