Supporting Black Businesses By Mary Brooks Jan 11, 2020

 African Americans have been in the United States for hundreds of years. Not voluntarily, but forced. In America majority of businesses are started by the white community, the Asian community and the Latino community. What do we have to prove for our existence? Minority owned businesses are driving the U.S economy but, African American owned businesses are lagging behind. It behooves us to invest in ourselves and each other to expand businesses and economic wealth. Events, investing one’s time, and individuals, are what makes systematic change occur. That is why I feel blessed to have met Steven Shears, the founder of Running Glasses. The mission of Running Glasses is to provide an investment into others, in order for them to grow individually and provide opportunities, to help the next generation develop their greatest self. Their purpose is to give young people the support they need to move fast in the direction of their vision. This creates belief and a support system that African American youth need. I got to experience this vision first hand. 

Experiencing the atmosphere of young people accomplishing goals, that adults struggle with, was astounding. Literally, seven, eight, nine and ten year old children had their LLC, business cards, websites, books written and published, stock made, merchandise presented, had their niche created and business manifested. As a young entrepreneur who started her business at 16, it made me realize you’re never too young to start a business. Being a vendor at Everyone’s Business: Youth Edition was an absolute blessing and opened many doors. I was able to speak about my two businesses, Miracle Glow and Diverse Young Hustlers that allowed me to bring others into my success and journey. The networking atmosphere was crazy, everyone supported each other and invested into each other’s business in some kind of way. We all talked and expressed our personal goals and our mission statement. Seeing the visions of the Black youth and the positives we bring, that social media doesn’t shine the light on, charged my entrepreneurial batteries . The event proved that we are more than the shootings, we are more than poverty, we are more than a struggle. We are capable, we are strong, we are determined, we are people. We matter and we are not ratchet hoodlums that continuously cause the world problems. Be the change, break the cycle, and manifest. Understand that we are not all the same and we don’t experience the same struggles. So be that helping hand, that word of advice and motivate those who need your support. It’s never too late to start anything, so get started now. If you want to find more information about me and my business you can find me on 

Instagram- @Miracl3.glow_ and @DiverseYoungHustlers.Inc 

Facebook- @Mary Brooks (Miracle Glow). 

If you want to learn more about Runninglasses check out our podcast interview with them above and the volunteer video made by @painfulrealizations below. I would love to hear your opinion below. What do you think about economic wealth? And how do you feel about Black owned businesses?  

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