An Insightful Ascent

About The Climb

Carlos Aponte, Malaika Gilpin, and Keith Baldwin will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2025 with supporters who have paid to engage in an 8-day transformative journey up Mount Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route with Kili Treks Tanzania to immerse in nature’s beauty from rainforests to glaciers, finding enlightenment through each step. 

Meet Our Climbers

Carlos Aponte

Carlos Aponte

Carlos is a lifelong Philadelphian who after close to a decade inside of the classroom, realized the shortcomings of traidtion education. Carlos decided to create his own 501c3 non-profit organizatio, We Love Philly. We Love Philly teaches volunteerism, entrepreneurship, meditation, ownership and content creation to youth. 

Malaika Gilpin

Malaika is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of One Art Community Center. She has her Master’s in Multicultural Education and has gotten several awards for her community work, most recently receiving a citation of honor from the City of Philadlephia.

Keith Baldwin

Keith is an esteemed entrepreneur and proprietor of Spike’s Trophies. Philadelphia’s foremost establishment for awards and recognition. Known for his deep-rooted belief in second chances, Keith has forged a close partnership with We Love Philly.

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Sponsorship presents a fantastic opportunity for business and individuals alike to align themselves with your cause. By becoming a sponsor, they not only contribute financially but also become integral partners in your mission, sharing in the journey and its outcomes.

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Your donorship helps us secure programs for our young people and ensures we have the resources to make an impact in our city. Consider making a donation to our climb and supporting our young people’s futures!

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