Meeting My New Spiritual Family with One Art Community Center by Kassim Karamoko April 5, 2020

 My spiritual journey before meeting the family behind One Art Community Center felt like a maze, I was not sure where I could find people who could relate to me. I would meet new people and wonder “are they spiritual” ? It was a wonderful path that the universe took me on to learn about myself and others. I appreciate the moments of wisdom I’ve obtained while helping people along my journey. I eventually fell in love with the process of just being myself and that allowed me to meet other people who were very similar. I met Mr. Aponte and he could relate to a lot of things I felt. We eventually would volunteer with One Art Community Center and I instantly felt inspired as I felt they were my “Soul Family”. I felt a deep sense of instant gratitude and appreciation for everything and the path I had began, thanks to We Love Philly.

I then received the opportunity to meet the family behind One Art Community Center individually and I decided to build a relationship with them. I was amazed at how much me and their matriarch Malaika had in common. We both loved to love. She spoke about Ralph Smart, helping the community, and eating healthy. It’s beautiful because when Mr. Aponte and I first communicated at One Bright Ray Community High School that’s the first thing we talked about. I am so grateful I was able to meet so many people on this journey who I could trust and build healthy relationships with. Mr. Aponte has helped me so much in this journey & I am grateful I decided to volunteer with him and meet so many great living people along the journey. It made me realize that in order to meet your spiritual family you must become what it is your searching for.

One Art Community Center  is a place where there are so many beautiful people and unique perspectives that one can learn from. It started with a group of people who decided they wanted to make a change in the community for the better. They care and love life so much that they found a way to express it with others. Founding member,Benjamin Reid discovered an old building and redesigned it from top to bottom. When h e found it trash and junk were piled high and by the time he was finished he turned it into an urban oasis. Today One Art Community Center offers so many different programs from teaching you how to grow your own food, to teaching you how to make your own solar panels. They allow people to have their own events, as well. They are a community structured in good faith and positivity. They also have a restaurant where they cook delicious healthy foods and healthy meals for the community. You can donate to them as well, which will make you feel good that you directly affected so many lives. They also have animals that they treat well and they teach you how to become one with nature. You would be so amazed at how much great things One Art Community Center has, I have mentioned a few but to fully experience the experience, you might have to check it out yourself, trust me it’s so worth it.

My personal experience volunteering for One Art Community Center was beautiful. I enjoyed every moment of it. The first time I walked into their environment I felt a warm deep connection with myself & my roots. The paintings and colors of their space instantly brought out the inner beauty within me which I fully appreciated. Everyone was nice and kind to me. I believe that’s the way life should be. It did not feel like work at all, it felt like a spiritual family reunion. I feel I could volunteer for them at anytime. It’s truly an honor to be able to help such great people out in life. Helping them get to their goals and seeing them achieve their dreams is the greatest feeling within my heart. Thank you so much One Art Community Center. 

If you want to learn more about One Art check out our podcast episode at the top of this page with their co founder Malaika Hart. You can also check out what it’s like to volunteer with them below this article by watching the video we created for One Art.

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