Raising Money to Continue Holocaust Education around the World with Holocaust Survivor Allan Silverberg Jun 19, 2019


The Holocaust  is a word used to describe the purposeful extermination of 6 million Jews and millions of others by the hands of Hitler and his Nazi regime. World War II was a devastating war that changed the face of evil as we knew it. The atrocities and inhumane nature of this war is something that should remain in the human consciousness for eternity

From birth to five years old Allan Silverberg  was born and raised in a Russian prison camp as a result of the Holocaust. After World War II Allan was allowed to immigrate to the United States and start a new life. He continued to serve in the armed forces as he matured and stayed an active member in the community. Allan is now the Committee Chairman for the Holocaust Remembrance Education Program. This program recently visited our school, One Bright Ray Community High School to speak to us about the events of the Holocaust and the hate that it was spawned from. After Allan shared with us what he experienced, we wanted to help him in anyway that we could. If you would like for them to visit your high school you can reach out to Allan through email at jewishvetspost697@gmail.com. 

We agreed to help Allan create an online marketing campaign to help with donations for his most recent cause. Allan will be participating in the Ride for The Living 2019  where he will be riding a bicycle from Auschwitz to Krakow, Poland. That is a 60 mile bicycle ride ! which is equivalent from riding from Philadelphia to Atlantic City. Allan is raising money for the Jewish Community Center of Krakow Poland. He needs help to raise 3,000 dollars before his race on June 28th 2019. Check out the link below to donate to Allan’s cause and when you do let him know that We Love Philly sent you ! Our interview with him can be found underneath the pictures at the top of the page


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